$25 an hour with a two hour minimum

Record for four (4) hours get one hour free!

Mixing takes your individual tracks from a session adds EQ, Compressors, autotune if needed and more! Combining all components

from multi tracks into a final mono , stereo or surround sound product. 


$50 Mix : Stereo Instrumental + Vocal Stems (1 - 10)


$125 Mix : Multitrack Instrumental (5-15 track stems)  + Vocal Stems (10 - 30 vocal stems)


$175 MIx : Multitrack Instrumental  (15- 30 stems) + Vocal Stems (30 - 60 vocal stems)


Mixing completed in 3-5 buisness days (up to 3 songs)

Mixing for an (Ep or Album 2 weeks - 1/Month)


Send all files to We Transfer email

No Refunds

We will work on your song until a finished product we can agree on is achieved.


$50 a song for mastering

Mastering is taking your completely mixed song (s) and balancing the complete spectrum of a track. With some overall additive or subtractive EQ and a maximizer for overall loudness. Adjusting the overall mid, highs, and low end frequencies with an intuitive program that gives your song that final professional sound.


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