$25 an hour with a two hour minimum

Record for four (4) hours get one hour free!

Mixing takes your individual tracks from a session adds EQ, Compressors, autotune if needed and more! Combining all components

from multi tracks into a final mono , stereo or surround sound product. 


$50 Mix : Stereo Instrumental + Vocal Stems (1 - 10)


$125 Mix : Multitrack Instrumental (5-15 track stems)  + Vocal Stems (10 - 30 vocal stems)


$175 MIx : Multitrack Instrumental  (15- 30 stems) + Vocal Stems (30 - 60 vocal stems)


Mixing completed in 3-5 buisness days (up to 3 songs)

Mixing for an (Ep or Album 2 weeks - 1/Month)

Could be sooner depending on my workflow!


Send all files to We Transfer/Dropbox email


$50 a song for mastering

Mastering is taking your completely mixed song (s) and balancing the complete spectrum of a track. With some overall additive or subtractive EQ and a maximizer for overall loudness. Adjusting the overall mid, highs, and low end frequencies with an intuitive program that gives your song that final professional sound.

Mastering takes 3-5 business days.


For an (Ep or Album 2 weeks - 1/Month)

Could be sooner depending on my workflow!

If you are sending songs to get mixed and mastered at the same time, the time frame is not in addition to the mix time frame.

No Refunds

We will work on your song until a finished product we can agree on is achieved.


Any Questions Call Or Text MAJ

Michael A. Jennings



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